Westchester Home Made Wine Center | Westchester Homemade Wine Center
Westchester Homemade Wine Center Invites You To Celebrate The Wine Harvest By Making Your Own Wine.
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Westchester Homemade Wine Center invites you to celebrate the wine harvest by making your own wine with Wine Master Carmine Corelli!

Westchester Barrels Wine Fermentation

The best home made wine in Westchester, NY

You experience the pride and joy of doing it yourself, starting with California or Chilean grapes and creating your very own varietal! Imagine bringing your one-of-a-kind bottle with your label to a social gathering instead of a mass-produced bottle of wine! And you do not have to invest in or dedicate space for the expensive equipment, plus there is no mess to clean up!
Westchester Wine top Barrel
Westchester Home wine Presser
Westchester Wine bottom Barrel
The Westchester Homemade Wine Center is conveniently located in Yorktown Heights in Northern Westchester County, Hudson Valley which makes it very convenient for the winemakers who come from all over the tri-state area. You will learn about the wine making process from the expert Wine Master, Carmine Corelli himself. Making your own wine at the Westchester Homemade Wine Center is easy and does not require a lot of your time (read more about the Process). You can make a barrel of wine for yourself or you can organize a group of friends to participate in this fun and educational activity. How many people do you know who can answer the question “how many pounds of grapes does it take to make one barrel of wine?”
Westchester HomeMade Wine Center Wine Bottles

At the end of the process, you go home with your very own wine which costs less per bottle than most store-bought wines! And the fun goes on, you create your own labels which you can customize for yourself and your friends.